Ikea (scraps) headboard

Materials: extra wood in the ” As Is ” pile

Description: Went to Ikea one day and right before I went to the check out line I went to the ” As Is ” section to look for anything and saw on a cart, piled up all together, and completely random things, was scrap materials for $10. Now this is about $500 worth of materials so I thought it is a great deal.

When home and over the course of about two weeks started to cut up the ends of the MALM pieces and soon came up with the idea to create a headboard that would show the different colors and sizes.

Towards the end I realized I had one main piece that I didn’t even look at yet. A MALM headboard. After cutting it down to a shorter height I was able to piece together all the different variations I created and come up with a nice clean look for a headboard.

And there you go… was actually pretty easy (with a table saw, glue, level and some vices. )

~ Drew Mersinger, Austin,tx