My Space Age TV Table

myhack1 760011
myhack1 760011

Materials: Lack TV table, birch effect

logue original 755189
Photo: Logue Studio

Description: I searched and searched for a TV table I could live with, and finally came across this cool Jetson-esque one at Logue Studio. (link no longer available)

Two things I didn’t like about it: the $1498 base price and the legs.

Next stop: Ikea. Walked out with the $49.99 Lack TV unit table, in the birch-effect color. Went to Home Depot to get a board to fit into the Lack’s front opening, walked out with a piece of 1″ x 8″ x 6′ pine (nominal size) that cost around $18.

ikea lack stock photo 758120

They won’t rip a board at HD, so I had to take it to a local mill shop to get it cut to size and to get the holes drilled. I had the board sized down to 5-3/4″ x 54-1/2″, which is small for the opening, but I wanted to stick felt around the perimeter so I could shove the board into the opening without going to trouble of installing hinges like Logue does (not shown in photo here but you can see them on the site; very cool, but very expensive looking).

In the event, the board was still a little big, so I had to sand the heck out of it. Please, do your own measurements!

I had 9 holes drilled, each 3″ across, and had them spread out evenly, best as I could.

The millwork was $30.

At home, I put on several coats of spar varnish that I had left over from another project.

Bingo, bango, and it fit right into the opening, neat as you please.

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Next, the stubby little Lack legs had to go, so I ordered 4 hairpin legs from for $60, delivered. That’s the special price they have for the standard 14″ legs, the others are a few bucks more, and if I had to do it all over again, I’d spring for the 10″ or 12″ ones.

Once they arrived, I simply screwed em to the bottom of the Lack right around where the old legs were and what you see is the result. Total project cost: $158, for a total savings of $1,340. Sweet! And, better still, my girlfriend thinks it’s as cool as I do. Can’t beat that!

~ Erik

Jules Yap