Organizing the Foyer

Materials: Billy Bookshelves, Benno CD Organizers, Bjarnum Hooks and Bjursta Bench.

Description: We live in Europe and our front hall is TINY. But we are 2 adults and 2 small children, and I needed a place for everything. All of the traditional wardrobes were too deep, so I turned to Billy. I made the doors myself with pine from the hardware store, stained and varnished them too.

You will need Billy bookshelves, the size and quantity depend on your needs.

I used used the Benno CD organizer to store all the little things that clutter my life: sunscreen, sunglasses, mittens, hats, cloth shopping bags, shoe polish etc. Since I have a lot of clutter I used 2, but created 1 door.

Doors: you can measure to suit your needs. Don’t get wood that is too thick (so Billy can hold it up) or too thin (break easily from use) . I had to be careful because there is such limited space.

I also made the mistake of taking Ikea’s exact measurements for some of the doors, but this was an incorrect assumption. The door hinges for Ikea doors are different than the regular run of the mill hinges I had bought. Be sure to get enough hinges, and to get ones that are big enough to adequately support the doors.

I also used magnets at the top of each door to make sure the doors stayed closed!

~ Tamara, Germany