An Expedit Takes a Dark Turn

Materials: Expedit unit, MDF panels (I used three 900mm x 600mm panels, 3mm width), sandpaper, black spray paint, utility knife, ruler, small nails, hammer

Description: 1. Lay the unit face down on the floor with a towel or sheet underneath to protect it.

2. Arrange the MDF panels across the back of the unit so you can see how much cutting you will need to do. Also make sure the edges of each panel are straight when they meet up (you don’t want any uneven edges ruining the finished product). If you can get one MDF panel large enough to cover the back of the Expedit, this will be easier.

3. Now measure and cut the panels to size. Remember that you don’t want to see the edges of the panels when the unit is upright, so measure to allow a border around each panel for when they are attached. Once you have the measurements, score the panels using a utility knife and ruler and then bend the panels along the scored line to separate. Sand any rough edges.

4.Paint the panels and leave to dry. I used black spray paint with a flat finish to minimise any shine.

5. Once the panels are dry, attach them to the back of the Expedit using the nails and hammer, starting in one corner and working your way around. Be careful to make sure your panels remain straight during this process otherwise they will end up crooked.

6. Stand the unit back upright and admire your quick but effective makeover!

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~ Natalie, Melbourne, Australia