Double Klimat Lamp

Materials: Two Klimat Lamps only

Description: My Hack consist in combining two Klimat lamps into one.
I have always like projector lightning which Ikea’s Klimat is a good example, but unfortunately one lamp wasn’t enough for my living room because all the three ceiling illumination spots are double.

So I bought two for the same spot avoiding a dead switch on the wall. At first I planned on mounting them side-by-side but then I thought, what the heck! …it’s possible to mount them vertically. And this is what I’ve done:

1- One drill hole at the center of the knot that holds the 3 projectors in one of the lamps, so that the cables of the other lamp can pass through and attach the chrome pipe.
2- Once mounted, I cut all the excessive electrical cables of the upper lamp because the knot they must fit in is very small and already has the cable from the lower lamp.
3- Tricky part. Unwrapped both power supplies from its plastic shell which raised security issues and hot glued them together. So if you’re not aware of the electrical current basics, don’t try this at home or any other place.
4- Used a soldering iron to trim the plastic interior of the ceiling hold to fit in the two power units and connected all the cables, and that’s it.

~ Rui Neto, Oporto