Funky Kids Chairs from IKEA step stools

I wanted some really funky cool kids chairs to match my boys homemade LEGO table, so I set off to IKEA and came up with this idea.

I bought 2 BOLMEN bathroom stools and 2 SNILLE chair seats (one blue & one green), then set off to make them up.

Funky kids chairs
IKEA items used:
  • BOLMEN Stool
  • SNILLE Chair seat
You’ll need:

A drill, a screwdriver, All purpose glue (for wood & plastic) 4 blocks of wood approx 8cm L x 3 cm w x 1.5 cm Thick(for stabilizing the chair seat to the stool), 8 screws with flat heads (because they’ll be uncomfy to sit on with rounded head screws).

FUNKY kids chairs hack:

kids chairs

Step 1:

Measure where you want the holes on the seat – I did mine 8cm’s apart and in a square so it looked neat. I also worked out where I wanted the seat to be placed on the stool. So I found the centre of the stool and the centre of the seat and made a small mark so I could line them up later when it came time to fix it together.

Step 2:

I then sat the seat onto two of the blocks of wood (placed lengthwise under each set of holes) and then I carefully drilled my holes in the seat and made sure the wood was lined up correctly.

You don’t need to drill all the way through the wood as well, just enough to make a mark so you can use that as a guide to fix the wood to the stool. You’ll also need to take note of how far apart the blocks of wood will be placed so you will know for later on when you glue them to the stool top.

Step 3:

You now need to glue the wood to the top of the stool, being careful to just put the glue around the edges and a dob in the middle. Make sure you steer clear of where the holes will be going through. Let it dry for 30 minutes.

Step 4:

You now need to drill the hole right through the wood and through the stool top.

Step 5:

Line the seat up with the holes and markings. Then attach it to the stool top with the screws. And BAM you’re done.

They turned out fantastic and my boys use them everyday. I even sit on them and play LEGO with the boys too. 🙂

~ Peita