How To Build A LEGO Table With Storage: A Simple DIY Project

LEGO play table with drawers

Need a table for your kid to build his LEGO pieces? This DIY LEGO table with drawer storage is the perfect solution!

It has a building surface which you can customise to fit your playroom and buckets beneath the tabletop for LEGO bricks or other toys. 

The best thing is it’s so easy to make and affordable too.

All you need to purchase from IKEA are the LACK side tables and TROFAST bins. A cheap and easy project anyone can make.

Supplies for an IKEA LEGO table:

3 LACK side tables
3 TROFAST bins
Plastic drawer guides

Other materials and tools:

Heavy duty double sided tape
Glue for plastic
LEGO baseplates
Adhesive Velcro

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How to make a LEGO storage and play table

Step 1. Build the Base

Firstly, assemble the LACK side tables according to IKEA instructions. You can build as many tables as you wish. Add on tables for plenty of room to build and display permanent creations. I made 3 to be placed side by side. You can also have them 2 x 2 for a square playing area.

Step 2. Attach the guides

I got a few TROFAST drawer slides from customer service. You can try the missing parts desk whether they have spares. If you can’t get them, you can try using a C-channel or the IKEA BILLSBRO drawer handles.  

Attach adhesive tape to TROFAST drawer guides and press firmly to the underside of LACK side table. I used heavy duty double sided tape, cut in half, stuck on the thinner side of the guides.

Step 3. Add the bins

Flip the tables right side up and insert the TROFAST bins between the guides. The bins are awesome for sorting and storing LEGO blocks according to color and size.

Step 4. Attach the base plates

Four 10″x10″ LEGO building plates fit the LACK side table perfectly. I got blue, grey and green LEGO baseplates for a pop of colour. 

I spread Gorilla Glue super glue on the back of the baseplate and pressed them against the top of the LACK side table. Use a few LEGO pieces to connect the plates to ensure the correct spacing in between the plates. 

One LACK LEGO table is technically done. 

Step 5. Connect the tables

Make one or two more tables and join the table tops to each other. To do that, I applied adhesive Velcro to the side of the table. The hook and loop will keep the tables firmly together.

Step 6. Additional small storage bins

I added a series of small parts bins on the wall to keep all the building blocks organized.  

Step 7. Use your new table!

My son prefers to sit on the floor and build, so chairs were not a big deal. But you can get kids chairs like the LATT for it.

Watch the video before for the step-by-step build

See full tutorial of the DIY LEGO table with drawer storage on Vineta’s blog.

~ by Vineta @ The Handyman’s Daughter

Affordable LEGO table with catch all bin

My godson is 5 and has an insane amount of LEGOs with Santa bringing a load more in a couple of weeks. To help with his mom’s sanity I’ve put together a cheap, simple LEGO table for him to keep his current projects in one place.


IKEA LACK side table
IKEA TROFAST bin with lid

I cut a hole big enough to sink the TROFAST box into the table and then glued two 10″ x 10″ green base plates to the top. It’s important to remember to use bricks to make sure the plates are aligned before you glue them or the bricks won’t fit along the join.

Total cost of project less than £20, similar to a table on Amazon going for £113.

~ by Vicky B, England

Basic LACK LEGO table

My son plays with his LEGO almost daily but I got tired of them all over my coffee table. Some of his creations he didn’t want take apart and put away and he likes to sit at the table. I wanted something that wasn’t too terribly big and that wasn’t made out of plastic as most premade LEGO tables are.

Supplies for a basic LACK LEGO table:

IKEA LACK side table
4 LEGO base plates 10×10″
Adhesive putty

Easy DIY solution. I bought an IKEA LACK side table (beauty that it comes in so many colors to match your decor) and four 10×10 LEGO base boards.

I then placed the boards where I wanted. My original thought was to epoxy glue them down but why ruin the table? I used adhesive putty to secure the boards to the table.

That way the boards stay put and when he grows out of LEGOs I can still use the table for something else. It’s a perfect height for sitting on a footstool to play and I slide my tote (to keep his LEGOs) under the table.

Too simple.

~ by Christie Phillips, Holland, MI

TROFAST to LEGO table in one weekend

TROFAST LEGO table with decorative LEGO studs

IKEA items used:

IKEA TROFAST Storage Units with plastic bins

Gather supplies:

High gloss interior paint. I used Red, Blue, Yellow for the shelving unit
Spray paint designed to used on plastic. I used Red, Blue, Yellow, and green
4 caster wheels (screws for wheels)
6 10×10 building block base plates. I used Blue and Green
3″ Sewer pipe caps from the plumbing department at big box hardware store. I used 8.
Sandpaper rough enough grit to be able to sand off the markings on the sewer pipe caps
Spray adhesive
Hot glue
3″ hole saw
Foam paint brushes
Screw gun/drill

IKEA TROFAST storage combination with white trays

How to build a LEGO table in a weekend

Step 1. Prepare the TROFAST unit

I took the storage unit and turned it upside down so that the bottom was now the tabletop surface. Therefore had a edge to contain the building blocks.

Then, I painted with TROFAST unit the high gloss interior paint using the colors I chose and in the areas I chose. I also used the same paint to paint the sewer pipe caps after I used an electric hand held sander to sand off the words that are molded into the sewer pipe caps.

Step 2. Make them colorful

Using the plastic spray paint I painted the TROFAST bins that were clear to make them more colorful.

I purchased my TROFAST storage unit at a yard sale so it came with the clear bins. You could purchase whatever color bins you wanted, but I did not want to purchase more bins when I had all of the clear bins.

The plastic spray paint takes 24 hours to be ‘touchable’ and a full 7 days to be scratch resistant so paint your bins as the first thing you do.

TROFAST LEGO table. Play time!

Step 3. Creating the studs

Once the unit and the sewer pipe covers were completely dry I drew circles were I wanted the building block ‘nubs’ to be. I used LEGO building blocks as my guide. Measuring the ends, I decided to do a 2×2 block on one end and 2 1×2 blocks on the other end.

The LEGO baseplates glued onto the top

Using the hole saw I drilled a very shallow hole grooves for the caps to sit in. Do not go all the way through the unit, only go 1/4″ or so. Just enough for the sewer pipe cover to have an area to ‘sit’ in.

I used a hot glue gun to glue the pipe covers into the grooves I created. Once glued in I used more hot glue around like a clear silicone caulking technique around.

Step 4. Adding the wheels

Turn the unit upside down and attach the wheels using appropriate length and width screws for the wheels you chose.

Make sure the screws are not too long as to go through to where the bins are slid in. (I did, out of lack of planning on my part for that purchase. So I used a multi master tool to cut off the part of the screw that popped through so my son would not get cut with the screw popping through.)

Step 5. Attach the LEGO baseplates

Final step was to attach the building base plates on top. I chose to make a pattern with my colors but you can do whatever you want on the base plate placing. The size of the area requires the 10×10 plates to be trimmed.

TROFAST LEGO table. Plenty of storage beneath

It’s important to make sure that when you determine where to cut, you place building blocks on the plate where the line should be to ensure that the blocks will still match up to the ‘nubs’ on that line where you are cutting.

When you have all of the baseplates cut and your design determined you need to attach to the unit with spray adhesive.

Important: Use building blocks to lay out the design. Snap each base plate together with a block to form a whole large rectangle of the full size. That way you know the base plates are spaced correctly. Spray the adhesive to the unit and the large baseplate rectangle and place on the unit.

That is it, place the bins in the slots of the unit and fill with all of your LEGOs.

~ by Donna Cook

IKEA hack: TROFAST LEGO play table with decorative LEGO stubs

How to clean your LEGO table?

Over time the LEGO baseplates may collect dirt and grime. You can clean your LEGO table with any kind of anti-bacterial wipes. Wipe over the baseplates and make sure to get all the gaps between the studs.

How much does a readymade LEGO table cost?

Rather not attempt an IKEA hack? You can always buy readymade LEGO tables on Amazon or other retailers. They cost around $50 for a small one, with larger tables with more storage costing at least $100. The KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Wooden Table is one of the more highly rated tables and it looks fabulous too.

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Large LEGO building table with drawers

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Modern LEGO Table

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