Ikea’s First Useful Children’s Step-stool!

Materials: BEKVAM Step Stool, SIGNUM Cable Outlet Kit

Description: The problem: I was looking for a step-stool for my 2-year old to have access to the sink for brushing her teeth and to stand at the kitchen counter to at least “participate” in food prep. Ikea’s step-stool options in this regard are pretty lacking and don’t give little ones anything to hold on to. The the best non-ikea options I found online were in the $150 range.

The solution: I started with Bekvam step stool ($14.99), and bought some pine wood boards– I used two 36″x8″x1″ boards, one 24″x8″x1″, and one 24″x4″x1″ board, but you can tailor it to whatever size you want. The only other items I purchased were adhesive rubber bumpers for the feet to keep the stool from sliding and some wood screws.

For the side pieces, I traced a half circle and used my jigsaw to cut the rounded edges on one end of each board.

I had an old Signum cable outlet kit, and used the drill bit to cut the circle openings on each end.

I then installed the side pieces– Bekvam sides are slightly angled, so it makes for some tricky angles. I wasn’t comfortable trying to calculate those angles, so figured I would just install the sides and figure it out from there.

I pre-drilled holes, and then fastened the side pieces with the wood screws. I then added the additional support piece on the bottom, and the cross bar on the top– first tracing the lines with a pencil, and then cutting with the jigsaw to the right size. I again pre-drilled holes and fastened with screws. (A mitre-box saw would also expedite this process.)

Then, a light hand sanding of the cut areas to ensure no splinters, and application of the rubber bumpers to ensure it doesn’t slide out, and you’re all done.

So, total supplies:
1 SIGNUM drill bit
2 pieces of wood for sides
2 pieces of wood for stabilizing bars
12-14 wood screws
Rubber bumpers for feet.

~ Ellie’s HackerDad, United States