Safe Bekvam step stool for toddlers

Materials: Bekvam step stool. 1.25 inch wood. 6 screws.

Description: PROBLEM
2 small children need to reach fragile modern glass bowl sink without injuring sink or themselves.

– measure height of sink bowl.
– measure out the 1.25 inch left over wood into 3 pieces to arch over the sink to act as a handle for children perched on step stool.
– cut 2 vertical wood pieces and screw onto either side of step stool taking into account where the child will stand on stool. Mid way of top step should do it. Use 2 screws for each side and allow vertical wood pieces to touch floor to make it stable.
– cut last piece as top handle onto top of 2 vertical pieces and attach with 2 screws.
– sand off cut edges to round them.
– paint to suit.

This simple hack not only provides a safe solution for my kids but turns an inexpensive stool into a safer stool for adults that would cost way more for something comparative.

~ Peter Brunton, Orlando, Florida, USA