Improved Cat Box Cabinet

Materials: 2 Ikea Galant (?) Add-on Cabinets, Ikea Rationell Variera Drawer Mat, Ikea Hinges, Magnetic Cat Door, Saw, Drill, Forstner bit

Description: I know this hack has been shown a million times, but I think I added a couple improvements. I found 2 Galant (I think) add-on units in the ‘€œAs-Is’ section of Ikea. Each had 2 sides and 2 ends. I disassembled one, making a 3rd side and lid. I drilled hinge holes into the lid and mounted it so it could be opened from the top. I also cut-down one of the ends to fit inside as a partition. I cut 2 ‘cat door size’€ holes, one in the end and one in the partition and install a store bought cat door on the outer end. I also lined the bottom with the Rationell Variera drawer mat.

A couple of advantages:
– The partition keeps the cat box itself at one end. It also helps to ‘€œchamber’ the smell.
– The cat door has a magnetic catch to keep the door closed, also helping to keep down the odor.
– The mat helps to keep moisture down, preventing ‘stuff’ from soaking into the wood.
– The mat also works to help remove litter from the cat’€™s feet – I only find just a couple pieces of litter outside the box each week. (Yeah, I find because of the no-odor and no-litter, I clean it less now.)

~ Chris H., Round Rock, Texas

Jules Yap