Industrial Style Desk Lamp With Ikea Fas

20131001 IMG 4884 756751
20131001 IMG 4884 756751

Materials: Ikea Fas lamp, Ikea Antonius basket insert (as a mold), teak batten strip, threaded rod, bolts, wing nuts, washers etc.

Description: I needed a pair of bedside lamps for our bedroom. I’d been looking for them everywhere, but didn’t find the right pair. So after some internet inspiration, I decided to make them myself.

20130819 IMG 4513 760881
20130821 IMG 4529 763130

I bought two Ikea Fas clamp spotlights to use in my lamps. Then I bought some teak batten strip and some screws, wing nuts, washers, threaded rod, fork joints etc. to make the arms for my lamps.

20131001 IMG 485 2 765931

The base was made with concrete using Ikea Antonius basket insert as a mold. I did some rewiring with the cords to move the switch where I wanted it and glued a piece of felt to the bottom of the concrete base so that it wouldn’t scratch my bedside tables. After that they were ready for use!

I’m happy to say that they work really well and I think they were worth all the time and effort. 🙂

20131001 IMG 4878 2 758965

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~ Minni S., Finland

Jules Yap