Make this unique lamp shade from 56 bottle brushes

I decided to make it because I wanted a unique lamp shade in the kitchen. And because every time I go to IKEA, I think of other things I can do with stuff than what it’s meant for.

I imagined the bottle brushes would look great with light shining through them, and I think it came out great. I call it the Mikado lamp.

All materials are from IKEA. But the frame is second hand so I don’t know if they still sell it. Any frame will do the trick though it might come out a little different

  • Frame of a lampshade (mine is second hand IKEA)

  • 56 (in this case, but it depends on the frame size) IKEA bottle brush (MEDELVAG 0,79 Euro each)
  • 1 IKEA RYETT LED lamp 400 lm (1,00 Euro)

  • Can be done very quickly

This is easy and hard at the same time. I’ll explain. The bottle brush has a hook. Just hang it over the top ring of the lamp frame. The trick is to divide the weight of the brushes very carefully otherwise all the bottle brushes slide to one side and fall off again. Sort of a Mikado effect.

I did not fasten them in any way, (I like the pure look of it), but it might be wiser to do so. If you make it the way I did, my advise is to assemble it hanging in place ?.

Hope you liked this unique lamp shade made from bottle brushes.

~ by Marijke van Well, the Netherlands

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