Mock Built Ins with Malm and Billy

Materials: Malm 4- Drawer, Billy Bookcase

Description: We noticed that the Billy Bookcase and the Malm dressers have the same width. We decided to stack one on top of the other to create a built-in-look while giving us some additional storage. We built each of the two dressers as instructed. For the Billy shelves, we build them as instructed, except we did not attach the top or the back.

Next, we turned the Billy upside down and placed it on top of the Malm. Thus, the base of the Billy is actually the at the top of our shelves. This allowed the top of the Malm to be accessible without being obstructed by the bottom shelf and base of the Billy. The Billy and the Malm are held together by brackets. We also attached each piece to the wall. We then trimmed the base of the billy (now the top of our shelves) with crown molding to give it a built-in look. We also trimmed the bottom of the Malms.

We build the bench ourselves, as Ikea didn’€™t have one to meet our specifications.

We then used the Granat cushions on the bench. We also hid an integrated lighting strip (I can’€™t recall which one) behind the crown molding on the top of each Billy.

~ Rachel, Detroit, MI