Reupholstered Ikea Strandmon chair and painted frame

Materials: UNG DRILL oval black Frame and STRANDMON wing chair & footrest

Description: The IKEA chair was reupholstered in white leather with a silver studded trim.

The footrest was reupholstered with chevron zigzag material I bought from Amazon.

The IKEA frame was painted in white (3 coats) and then given a gloss finish (1 coat of spray).

The Oleg (deer head) was purchased from WhiteFauxTaxidermy on Etsy.

The printed cushion is inspired by vintage Egyptian movie posters of the 1950’s and I bought from

the black & white cushion is from IKEA (last season’s so it was discounted).

The white sheepskin Rug is also from Ikea (LUDDE)

And finally the decorative dog was from a local store.

~ nawwarah82, Saudi Arabia

Jules Yap