Super-Duper Entertainment Unit

Materials: LACK freestanding units; LACK shelves, IKEA PVC brackets; screwdriver, cordless drill, some screws and drywall/plasterboard fixings

Description: Custom built for a room alcove. None of the standard TV units fitted, most too small for what was needed, the Expedit unit was 6cm too wide.


Take two black LACK freestanding shelf units (or any colour of your choice)
Place at each side of your alcove. Measure the space in between and cut the matching LACK shelves to suit. (in my case they fit perfectly.)

Fix the side units to the wall using the brackets supplied in the pack

In order to run cables easily, the bottom shelves are fixed flush with the front of the side units. Once you have chosen the height and spacing, then attach the PVC brackets to the side of the units. I recommend using a 5mm wood screw (no.10) for this, and you will need longer screws for the top of the brackets. (I used a 30mm and a 50 mm length)

These brackets are more than able to hold a flat screen TV up to 40″ in size.

The top shelf should be fixed to the wall with its supplied twin arm bracket at your chosen height. I also added two of the small ‘L’ brackets with black covers to support the front of this shelf, as it is fixed into plasterboard/drywall.

Put on your TV and away you go!

~ Bob Grace, Carlow, Ireland