Materials: Lack side table, high density foam (21 5/8″ x 21 5/8″ x 4″), upholstery fabric (72″ x 72″), craft glue, staple gun, jigsaw

Description: I wanted a couple of custom made ottomans that could also double as a coffee table or even extra seating in a pinch.

Using a jigsaw, I cut 4 inches off of each leg so that the finished height of the ottoman would be the same height as my couch.

I attached the foam square to the table top using craft glue (just so it wouldn’t be sliding all over the place when I went to actually upholster it).

Once dry, I wrapped the fabric around the table top and secured it with a staple gun. This is definitely a two man operation. Hint: Start by holding the fabric taut and stapling the middle of each side first, then move onto the corners.

I trimmed any excess fabric, then reattached the legs with the provided screws and voila! Almost instant ottoman/coffee table/seat.

~ Linda, California