Materials: Vika Amon and Capita Legs

Description: Step 1: Search tirelessly over the internet for a coffee table that will be just right for your space.

Step 2:Fail at step 1

Step 3:Browse Ikea countertops looking for a nice wood selection.

Step 4: Browse legs and determine that straight legs are boring.

Step 5: Notice the Vika Amon table top is 1/4 the price of the counter tops.

Step 6: Uniquely marry the Viko Amon Table top and the slanted Capita legs into a unique coffee table.

When joining the legs, drill a hole straight through the bottom table top.

The thickness of the table pairs perfectly with the length of the “ready-rod” which allows you to sandwich the bottom shelf by joining the legs together through the shelf. Don’t over tighten as you might scratch the table top, or if you drilled in an area without backing, crack it even.

I recommend drilling where there is backing, but in order to get a funky look you may have to offset it a bit.

~ Shane, Vancouver Canada