Drum sticks display case with IKEA BESTÅ and DIODER

My name is Anders. I am an IKEA IT Technician from Sweden that really like drums and drumming.

I needed a nice way to display my drum sticks. Ikeahackers.net is a great inspiration but I did not find anything that suited me.

Then I thought, why not hack something? Here is what I came up with.

Drumsticks display case hacked from STAJLIG, BESTÅ and DIODER
This is what I used:

1 STAJLIG Multifunction hanger, white in/outdoor. Article Number: 103.170.70
1 STAJLIG Hanger, in/outdoor, white 5 pack. Article Number: 002.914.19
1 BESTÅ Frame, white. Article Number: 002.459.17
1 BESTÅ Suspension rail, silver-colour. Article Number: 302.848.46
1 DIODER LED 4-piece lighting strip set, white. Article Number: 001.194.19
Some drills, a screwdriver, a knife, a clamp, a small bolt cutters and a heater.

Drumsticks display case hack with IKEA items

1. First I mounted the BESTÅ frame. The frame has brackets for legs but I chose to turn that side up and not use the legs.

2. To make the holder I cut the STAJLIG Multifunction hanger at the top with the small bolt cutters so I got a long piece to use to bend it.

Cut the hanger

3. Before bending the holder I heated it up a little with the heater. Not too much. I could still hold it with my hands. If I did not heat it up the paint would crack when I bend it.

Heat up the wire

4. To bend the holder I fastened it with a clamp and then bent it by hand.

Bending the wire by hand

5. After bending to right shape I cut it to right length.

Cut to right length

6. To stop the sticks from gliding I made a bracket from a STAJLIG Hanger.

Make a bracket from the hanger for Drumsticks display case

7. The holder and bracket was fasten by drilling holes in the bottom and back of the BESTÅ frame. I used a tape on the drill so I shouldn’t drill too deep.


8. The final touch was to mount the DIODER LED lights. BESTÅ frame has a predrilled hole for adjusting the legs. I used that for the wire to one light bar and drilled one more for the other.

Wire holders in the BESTA frame for Drumsticks display case

I cut the cover nobs for the leg brackets with a knife so the wire would fit.

Wiring the DIODER

After mounting the BESTÅ frame to the wall using BESTÅ Suspension rail I am really happy with the result.

Here’s how my drumsticks display case is set up next to my drums.

Drumsticks display case hacked from STAJLIG, BESTÅ and DIODER

~ by Anders Berglund, Sweden