How to make a concealed BILLY bookshelf bar

Please join BILLY and me for a drink at my newly opened bookshelf bar.

I love to invite friends over for game night. While playing, we love to eat and drink well together. That is why I decided to turn my BILLY bookcase into a BILLY bar cabinet.

I took the smart and easy way out, and I turned to Parts of Sweden, where you find a complete package for the BILLY bar cabinet.

(Ed: Since this item is no longer available for purchase, you can get a wood board and mirror cut to size from your local hardware store. Sand and stain it for durability before fixing it to the BILLY bookshelf.)

Here’s how it turned out.

IKEA BILLY bookshelf bar with dropleaf table and mirror

How to make a simple BILLY bookshelf bar:

IKEA item used:

  • BILLY bookcase (80cm wide)
  • Drop leaf table
  • Hinges
  • Flap hinges
  • Mirror
  • Locking magnets

I went online and ordered the complete package, a mirror, and some green furniture foil. First, I put the foil on the back of the BILLY. This way, my BILLY is the star of my family room, and it loves to be in the center of attention!

Before you get started with the bookshelf bar, read the brief instructions thoroughly. The paper with the manual also includes a smart template showing where to drill. It works perfectly.

Of course, you’ll need to first assemble the BILLY bookshelf. But once that’s out of the way, we are ready to IKEA hack this BILLY bookshelf bar.

Step 1: Mount the mirror

This is for a touch of glam to my home bar. You can also omit this step or add your own decor style — like wallpaper, shiplap, tiles, or wood slats.

First, mount the mirror on the back of the bookcase. Set the mirror on the fixed shelf that is in the middle of a high bookshelf. Please note that the back of my BILLY is green.

Prepare the bookshelf
Add mirror for some glam
Mirror added to bookshelf bar

On the back of the mirror, the glass is tape protected with protective paper. Remove the protective paper and press the mirror glass gently against the bookshelf cover.

Step 2: Attach the hinges

Time to mark out and screw one-half of the hinges, “mounting plates,” as it appears in the description. Take the description that also has a template.

Place the template provided and press with an awl through the paper where it is checked for holes. Remove the template and screw the half hinge in the holes you made with the awl.

Install hinges to the bookshelf and drop leaf table

Put the bar-door flat on a clean surface. Place the other half of the hinges in the large holes.

Add table

Step 3: Mount the flap hinges

Add hinges

Now, mount the flap hinges on the sides of the cabinet. Note that there is one for the left and one for the right side, and they are different! Mount the flap hinges on the bookshelf bar door as well.

IKEA BILLY bookshelf bar with dropleaf table and mirror -done

Step 3: Install the locking magnets on the bookshelf bar

Table closed with locking magnets

Fitting the locking magnet. You should mount this on the upper shelf edge. Remove the rack from the shelf and place it on a flat, clean surface. Measure the center of the bottom. Keep the locking magnet so that it comes about 20 mm from the front edge of the shelf. Mark the screw holes with an awl, and then screw the locking magnet.

Replace the shelf, measure exactly, and mark the inside of the bar door as well. Then attach the locking magnet on the bar door. Use the awl to make it easier to screw in the mounting plate.

IKEA BILLY bookshelf bar with dropleaf table and mirror -done
IKEA BILLY bookshelf bar with dropleaf table and mirror -done

Now all you have to do is:
Invite your friends, turn on some Swedish House Mafia, and ask: would you like an Absolute Greyhound?

Your bookshelf bar is bound to be a hit.