IKEA BILLY Bookcase: Expert tips and Ideas

The IKEA BILLY Bookcase is a popular and versatile piece of furniture that has become a staple in homes worldwide. Since its launch in 1979, it has been estimated that one BILLY Bookcase is sold every five seconds worldwide.


The friendly design focuses on functionality and adaptability, making it a favorite choice for book lovers and interior designers alike.


Featuring adjustable shelves, the BILLY Bookcase can accommodate a diverse range of items, from books to trophies and everything in between. The stackable design allows you to easily attach additional units as needed, allowing you to choose the height and configuration that best suits your space.


Storage can be customized with options such as drawers, allowing for closed storage of smaller items or personal belongings. This adaptability makes the BILLY Bookcase a practical solution for any room in your home, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or hallway.


Fans of the BILLY Bookcase have been known to creatively IKEA hack and modify their bookcases to meet their unique needs and personal styles better. These modifications can include adding doors, lighting, and decorative elements, which showcase the bookcase’s versatility and ability to grow with its owners’ evolving tastes and requirements.

A circular IKEA BILLY Bookcase


In terms of material, the BILLY Bookcase has undergone some sustainability changes. Previously finished with wood veneer, it comes in high-quality paper foil with a printed wood effect. This switch not only helps with sustainability but also aids in making the bookcase more affordable.


The IKEA BILLY Bookcase’s design and aesthetics make it a timeless and adaptable storage solution. Its charm lies in its simplicity and functionality, ensuring it remains a popular choice for homeowners and interior enthusiasts.

The many ways to hack the IKEA BILLY bookcase


billy bookcase hacks - the best IKEA hacks


With creativity, these bookcases can be transformed into unique, functional pieces that add style and storage to any room. Here are some suggestions to help you hack the BILLY bookcase.


One way to customize your BILLY bookcase is to add lighting. This can be as simple as attaching a strip of LED lights on the underside of each shelf. This illumination can highlight your favorite items, create ambiance, and make it easier to find things in the evening.

Another popular BILLY bookcase hack involves painting or wallpapering the back panel. This allows you to easily add a pop of color or an interesting pattern to match your room’s décor. If you feel particularly artistic, you can create a beautiful mural or stencil design.


ikea billy bookcase hack

For an upscale look without breaking the bank, consider trimming the edges of your BILLY bookcase with decorative molding. This DIY built-in bookcase hack adds an elegant touch to any room, making the shelves appear more like custom carpentry.

You can combine multiple BILLY bookcases to create one large, cohesive unit. This hack demonstrates how the bookcases can be spaced evenly to form a visually appealing and functional storage wall.

Finally, don’t be afraid to add doors or drawers to your BILLY bookcase. IKEA offers a range of options, including glass doors, solid panels, and even fabric inserts. These additions can help to hide clutter, protect your items from dust, and give your bookcase a more polished appearance.

By incorporating these hacks and more, you can quickly transform an ordinary BILLY bookcase into a stylish and functional piece tailored to your taste and needs. Scroll down for more BILLY bookcase hacks and ideas.