Custom designed wall unit/computer desk/book shelf

Materials: 2x Expedit bookcases (2×4), various size sheets of melamine, hammer, drill, screws, nails, wall bracket

Description: 1. You need the following size pieces of melamine sheets:
* 228cm x 39cm
* 149cm x 39cm
* 74cm x 39cm (you need 2 of this size)
* 69cm x 39cm
* 55cm x 5cm

2. Put together the 2 Expedit bookcases. Using one set of brackets that come with the bookcases, join the bookcases together with one sitting longways on top of the other so it forms an L shape. Be careful where you drill as most of the shelves are hollow so aim for near the pre drill dowel pieces go.

3. Join together the first 3 pieces of wood with nails & screws with the 228×39 on the outside, then 149×39 then 79×39. Attach the other 79×39 to the upright bookcase to what will be the inner side of the desk using nails & screws, again being aware of where you drill.

4. Tip the bookcase up right & move close to where you want it, then slide the 3 joined pieces of wood over so the edge of the bookcase is resting on top of the 149×39 piece. Carefully hold in place & then nail & screw together.

5. Nail the 55×5 to the underside of the 69×39 & then slide into place on top of the two 79×39 pieces & nail into place.

6. For extra security, we attached the other set of brackets to the top bookcase into the wall.

7. I covered all the screws with plastic caps just to give it a more finished look.

Note: I would assemble the bookcases before buying your melamine pieces as they might be slightly out eg 0.5cm difference. As you then should adjust the above measurements to account for any difference.

~ Rhiannon M, Gold Coast, Australia

Jules Yap