Customized Glass Backsplash

Materials: RATIONELL Glass Shelves

Description: I wanted to share this hack with you because the first question people who come in my kitchen ask me is: it is you who made the backsplash? But how did you do?

When I moved there three years ago I absolutely wanted glass splashbacks for my kitchen for ease of cleaning and modern style. Unfortunately the glass backsplashs were expensive, especially customized. The ones I found at an affordable price were uninteresting as I also wanted something unique and original.

So I thought about using Rationell glass shelves because they are made of tempered glass, they’re transparent and they have a low price. For the original and unique side and to customize them I chose an embossed wallpaper. For a beautiful rendering and to give the impression that the embossed wallpaper is part of the glass it was absolutely necessary that the Rationell shelves are well affixed against the wall, that there is no space.

To do this, I simply used eleven Rationell glass shelves for 80cm wide wall cabinets. I first put my wallpaper on the entire length of the wall where I had to then put the glass shelves. To fix them, I made a notch all along the back of the lower part of the wall cabinets to slip into the glass shelves. So these are the wall cabinets that hold the Rationell glass shelves leaning against the wall.

For the bottom, as you can see on the picture below I put a slotted wood over the entire length of the wall to hold the glass. The shelves are simply laid on it for they don’t fall.

I also put some glue to hold better the glass and in order to avoid that there is a space between the backsplash and the wall. Finally the base cabinets maintain once and for all the glasses.

I made the backsplash 3 years ago. I use to cook a lot and as you can see they are in perfect condition, so I can say that they last in time and of course they’re water resistant.

You can obviously adjust the number and size of shelves according to the space you need to cover. The best is to use an embossed wallpaper to have the impression that the pattern is “inlaid” in the glass.

I did my best to translate the description but do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions … You can also visit my blog.

~ Nadia, Paris, FRANCE

Jules Yap