Easy Expedit Kitchen Island

Materials: Expedit Cabinet, Expedit Castors, Grundtal Rail, Lamplig Chopping Board, Grundtal S-Hook

Description: We needed a Kitchen Island for a moderately sized kitchen, but could not find one that we liked. Taking inspiration from IkeaHackers, we decided to set about making our own. Using all Ikea products the whole project cost less than £120 pounds and I think has created an Island worth at least twice that when looking around at what is available.

First I built the Expedit cabinet, we went for the four version, I then fitted the Expedit doors in two opposing corners.

Then attached the Expedit locking castors.

Next added the Grundtal Rails to either end of the unit, for storage.

Assembled the Pjas baskets.

Finally with the help of contact adhesive the 2 Lamplig chopping boards where then stuck to the unit to give a overhang on 3 sides.

~ Karl Pearson, Newton-Le-Willows, UK