Footless Noresund

Materials: Noresund, lumber

Description: The Noresund footboard was a bit too tall for our smallish bedroom, so we decided to remove it. Since the Noresund is a standalone bed structure (i.e. the sideboards rest on the footboard) we couldn’t simply remove the footboard and call it done.

We had to build a new footboard entirely. Thankfully we still have wood left for projects like this one. We (well, my husband Andoni) used a 2×4 and a 2×8 for the new footboard, plus three metal pieces (one for each side and one for the middle) so the sideboards/rest of the bed’€™s structure rest on those.

I thought about painting it black, but 1) No one’s ever going to see it and 2) It’s not like they’€™re really going to match, so why bother?

We simply wanted to get rid of the footboard without cutting it up in case we ever get a bigger bedroom or want to sell the bed, but without having to spend any money on this project.

So, mission accomplished, I think. And just in case you’re wondering why I really wanted to get rid of the footboard, there’s a picture that might help explain it better (when the drawers are open the space is tight).

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~ Ainhoa Vega, Urduliz, Spain