Lagra stage-like lights

Materials: Lagra 3x, drill, wall fittings (closed hook), Kvart wall cover (optional)

Description: I needed a light for our staircase and was planning to do something like this but from Lagra (coz it’s cheaper).

But it looked like a lot of work and had to be really well done for it to look nice. So instead I bought three Lagra lamps, used the bar from one of them and mounted the three lights on the bar (cut the wires and connected them).

I used the Kvart wall cover part (the silver bit which I had left because I used the clamp for the Kvart – they also have it in black) to cover the electrical connections on the ceiling. I painted two closed hooks and hung the lamp on them (you need to slide the bar in first and then mount on the two lateral lights.

Total cost 14 Eur.

~ Petr, Spain

Jules Yap