Pimp your MOPPE: Corpuslight

Materials: MOPPE

Description: My old MOPPEs corpus is especially good to build a standard lamp from it.

Step-by-step manual

1. First print a stencil for the light-holes.

2. Then drill out the holes. Take a drill with a small diameter.

3. Now you have to choose your favorite color for your Corpuslight. I overcoated the inside with white varnish (don’t forget to tape the edges) and the outside with wood-colored (wenge) varnish.

4. In the next step install a bulb-holder inside the MOPPE (I pulled a nylon-twine through two holes an the bulb-holder). Be careful, don’t take too strong bulbs, not more than 25 watt. I assume no liability.

5. Finally bond transparent paper over the two big slits (I fixed it with tape). You can bend the transparent paper easily. In this way you avoid wrinkles and the light gets a soft character. Its also possible to use colored transparent paper or (colored) foil.

~ Isabelle Koch, Germany

Jules Yap