Pimp your MOPPE: Lightbox2

Materials: MOPPE

Description: My old MOPPE has quadratic drawers what makes it especially good to build lightboxes from it.

Step-by-step manual

1. You need a bulb-holder. (Be careful, don’t take too strong bulbs, not more than 25 watt. I assume no liability.) Depending on the radius of your bulb-holder you have to modify the grip hole (with the help of a reciprocating saw, or a coping saw).

2. Saw slits into the bottom of the drawers. It helps to drill first one hole in each corner, so you can place your saw blade in the right position. Next: Polish the slits with a sandpaper.

3. Now you have to choose your favorite color for your Lightbox. You can paint, varnish or bond the MOPPE with paperboard (just like me). My favorite glue for this job is “Fixogum”. It’s not that cheap but it works really fine.

4. Finally put the bulb-holder through the grip hole (I saw it convex, so that the bulb-holder cannot slip out of the hole) and screw the bulb into the holder.

The light looks great as a standard lamp on a sideboard. If you like to use it as a wall light, screw it through the bulb-holder onto the wall or nail a little hook on the back and hang it up.

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~ Isabelle Koch, Germany