Tranby spoon starburst mirror

Materials: Tranby mirror, glue gun, glue, plastic spoons, knife, sanding paper, paint, paint brushes

Description: I’ve seen it few months ago on some DIY website and I loved it. On Sunday morning I decided to make one for myself, so I sent my boyfriend to the shop to get plastic spoons. He was a bit surprised but its not the first time.

First I had to cut handles of all spoons leaving about 5mm so it’s easy to glue. I started from outside row (didn’t measure as much, just when I had about 10cm left I made sure I was putting them the way to cover all), progressing second, third and fourth row exactly the same way.

Spoons for last row I cut really short and sanded (actually my boyfriend did – had to mention) the edges to make nice shape. As glue dries quite fast I could start painting each of them.

I used just 2 colours I used on walls and mixed them together to make different shades. I still need to put some kind of varnish but as I would like to put shiny one I have to buy it.

I really do love it and I hope my guests as well.

By the way .. it’s second makeover of the same mirror.. you will see that if all photos will be added (I just took of the paint with a bit of water and scrub).

~ Agnieszka & Wayne, Dublin