All-In-One Multipurpose Bathroom Furniture which hides a washer & dryer

Materials: Ikea Personlig Countertops, Kitchen Cabinets/Doors, Socket Lists Optional Sink /Faucet

Description: This is my second Ikea Hack 🙂

I want to show you how I made my bathroom more organized by using different Ikea parts making an All-In-One bathroom furniture.

My bathroom was terribly organized,a shower in the corner, washer/tumble dryer in the other corner and a faucet/sink with a mirror in between.

I’d like to keep the room tidy with a minimalistic touch, so I planned to integrate most of the bathroom accessorize on one side of the bathroom, problem was the big washer/tumble dryer which always seemed to be in the way..

Then I came up with the idea to hide it in a cabinet or something like that… unfortunately the machinery is large, heavy, and they also move/vibrates, so I couldn’t manage to find any suitable cabinets to solve my problem. I needed to make it myself, so I went to ikea to fix it!

I bought 3 Ikea “Personlig/Personal” Countertops, in the double sized thickness (8cm), normal countertops are The “Personlig/Personal?” counter tops can be ordered in which size you want, the European washer/tumble dry are deeper than the original standard countertop size 62 cm, and the doors had to be shut properly
so I ordered 70cm depth/220cm length.

2 x 60cm for the dryer/washer, 80cm for the center cabinet, 2 x 8cm sidewalls and 4 cm for clearing = 220cm

The sidewalls are equal 70cm depth and 86cm height. Cabinet is 70cm tall but you have to put the legs on it, so remember to add another 16cm (height)

The machinery stands on the floor, and the construction is build around it.

I used a kitchen socket list to hide the lower parts, installed ventilation in it, for air circulation.

The doors have no handles, I used the push-open solution.

To attach the doors in front of the dryer/washer, I bought a second cabinet frame and attached 1 sidewall too each side of the center cabinet, which makes you able to use standard Ikea door hinges..

I guess the picture explain the rest, pretty straight forward, and it works and I am very happy with it!

~ Peik Helly-Hansen, Norway, Oslo