Expedit slim shift version

Materials: Expedit 2×2 shelving unit

Description: Ever thought that the Expedit series took a bit too much space? My very small hallway had no space for a full version of the Expedit as the front door couldn’t open… This is how I did it:

First I marked up the cut plane on the assembled Expedit 2×2, the plane is a bit shifted in this case, as the shoes to the left are bigger than the shoes at the right 🙂

Then it took it apart and cut the different pieces with a fine hand saw.

I then reused the cut-off-piece as the reinforcement at the front of the shelves as they had the precut holes I needed to reassemble it. I cut a small piece off the reinforcement to make room for the replacing front.

I drilled new holes for the reassembly and put everything back together.

~ Jens Kløve, Copenhagen