Hide wallmounted bookshelf with Ikea panel curtains

Materials: Old bookshelf from ikea, Kvartal curtain hangers, Anno Inez panel curtain

Description: We have a quite small apartment, with huge windows. Thus we had a bookshelf mounted high above our TV. To use for storage. We used an old Ikea shelf. That you mount on the wall with the help of metalhangers.

In Swedish we call it an “Konsoll hylla”

But it became quite distracting with a lots of different boxes and different colors. We decided to hide it some way. Our first thought was to use sliding doors.

We realized that they would be to heavy, and above all, WAY to expensive. So we landed on the idea with some sort of curtain. We still wanted the sliding door feeling, and thus we choose panel curtains.

Since we have a ceiling that isn’t straight, we had to find a way to mount the hangers for the curtain. We choose to buy KVARTAL wall hardware.

This is how we did it.

We started by measuring the shelf. Then we counted how many hangers etc we needed, and went to Ikea.

When we came home, we took the Kvartal wall hardware, and cut of the Wall mounting part. So we just got a straight piece. With the hanger part left.

We then screwed it to the top shelf of the bookshelf. Use the already made hole. We bought the extra long, so we didn’t have to make any holes. We did this AFTER we had mounted the Kvartal triple rail as the instruction said.

After that we just hung them up, and measured how long we wanted the curtains. and put them up. The top shelf is still visible. But we will just get some boxes that look the same. But that we’ll have to do some other time!

Happy hacking!

~ Aya, Sweden