Ikea elevated DJ booth

Materials: Expedit 8 bay shelf, 42″ Stolmen shoe shelf, Vika Adils legs

Description: I researched for weeks and found two ideas that I liked for my DJ setup and combined the two.

For years, DJs have been using the Expedit shelves for their durability and size. I follow with this same thought.

1. Assemble the Expedit as per the included instructions.

2. Loosely assemble the Vika Adils legs to the Stolmen shoe shelf. The purpose is to decide what width you want to between the base of the legs.

3. With this measurement, layout the leg bases evenly and equally.

4. Tighten up the legs.

5. Tighten up the joints and brackets for the Stolmen shelf.

~ Marcuis Wade, United States

Jules Yap