OCD-Friendly Expedit TV Bench

Materials: Expedit shelving unit, Capita legs, Signum cable organizer, backing board, left-over wood from the As-Is section

Description: My husband and I live in a cozy apartment that doesn’t have a lot of space. The walls are so thin and brittle we can’t hang anything on them. That means everything has to sit on the floor. I hate things sitting on the floor because it means dust collects and hides in nooks and crannies and before you know it you have random rat-sized dust bunnies that randomly appear in your apartment. What’s a girl with OCD to do?!

Inspired by the hack “Expedit bookshelves to fabulous TV Stand!” we went to IKEA and bought:

1 – Expedit 5×1 shelving unit
1 – set of 6 inch Capita legs
2 – Signum cable organizers

We also headed to Home Depot and bought some white backing board cut to the dimensions of the shelving unit.

Tools you’ll need include screws, a drill, nails, a hammer, and a holesaw attachment for your drill.

To create the clean look you see in the photo we affixed the Capita legs to the underside of the shelving unit, nailed the backing board to it, and cut holes out for cables with a drill and a 1.5 inch holesaw attachment.

We had taken apart our old Billy TV entertainment unit and screwed some of the leftover smaller pieces of wood to the back of the shelving unit to anchor a surge protector and the Signum cable organizers to it. If you don’t have any spare wood laying around you can pick up some random pieces from the As-Is section at IKEA. The cable organizers are supposed to hang from things like the underside of desks but we took the actual ‘basket’ portion and drill it directly to the back of the shelving unit.

Put it all together and you have a clean looking TV stand, cables that are off the ground, and an entertainment unit that takes all of three seconds to vacuum.

~ Stephenie, Toronto

Jules Yap