How to create a Gerhard Richtexpedit bedside cabinet

Materials: Expedit 2×2 and 1×1, inserts with door and drawers

Description: First of all, visit and search some colour-combinations you like and buy them as spray colours.

Ikea does not offer a 2×1 Expedit, so I had to combine a 2×2 and a 1×1 in two 2×1.
I want a 2×1 horizontal with rolls, the vertical 2×1 is a side product.
I used my old and crappy 2×2 and bought a new 1×1.

You don’t have to modify any Ikea-parts, all you have to do is simply combine the sides of the 1×1 with the tops of the 2×2 and the other way round, the rest is self-explanatory.

If you choose in the first step other colours than “white” you have to enamel the parts. If you like glossy, add a clear coat. The package of the 1×1 is a perfect spray cabin.

That’s it.

~ cvb, Berlin