Terracotta pot heater made with just 3 IKEA items

terracotta heater ikea

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make a terracotta heater using just 3 IKEA items. All in, it costs me a trip to IKEA and about $15 to make this.

Photo: IKEA.com

IKEA items used:

How to make a terracotta pot heater

The original setup that came out some years ago used 2 nested terracotta flower pots held together by a metal rod, nuts and washers. The pots sat on bricks with lit candles on a bread pan. It seemed to work but looked a little boho.

Consider this an upgrade.

1. Get your supplies from IKEA. I picked up the INGEFÄRA terracotta plant pot with saucer. IKEA has other terracotta pots like the MUSKOTBLOMMA if you prefer a different shape and colour.

While they do carry a slightly larger sized pot, I chose the 12 cm (4 ¾ “) so that the ORDNING cutlery holder can fit snugly inside.

IMPORTANT: Remove the labels so that they don’t catch fire.

INGERFARA plant pot with saucer from IKEA

2. Light and place candles in the ORDNING cutlery holder.

Ordning cutlery with tealights inside

3. Set the ORDNING cutlery holder in the plant pot.

terracotta heater using IKEA products

4. Assemble as shown. And there you have your mini terracotta heater.

terracotta heater using IKEA plant pot and cutlery holder

Can a DIY candle heater warm up an entire room?

The candle flame releases some level of heat due to thermal radiation. But not a whole lot and of course, never as effective in raising the temperature of the room as a regular radiator.

But if you sit near it on a cold day or outdoors, it’s a cosy addition to a drafty room.

What you need to be aware of

Do be careful when removing the top covering pot and cutlery holder as they will become very hot. Never touch the heated parts directly with bare hands.

Do not use in kids’ room or where children have access to it.

Always use in a well-ventilated area and never leave open flames unattended.

Do not cram too many tea lights into the holder as the paraffin wax will melt and may pool together. It becomes very dangerous should the flame spread from the wick to the entire surface of the wax.

Do not use while you are sleeping.

~ by Oscar Lodeiro Hermida

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How to make a terracotta pot heater: A DIY tutorial