BESTÅ TV Stand Turned Kids Corner

Materials: BESTÅ TV stand, sander, hammer, nails, piece of foam, paint, staple gun, fabric

Description: We purchased a BESTÅ TV stand a few years ago, but when we moved we mounted our TV so we had no need for it.

Here is how it went:

Step 1: We sanded, primed, painted & sealed the TV stand to turn it from wood to a charcoal grey.

Step 2: We painted the inside of the TV stand with chalkboard paint.

Step 3: Then I measure and cut my foam to make a nice seating area in the TV stand. Covered it with fabric and stapled it down.

Step 4: Nailed in a magnetic board I got for $2.00 in the As Is area in Ikea (gotta love Ikea).

Step 5: Let your child go have some fun now!

This is to show when we actually used the TV stand as well a TV stand, lol!

We used it for our son’s storage for toys and such before we painted it.

Priming and painting.

The finished product with all his toys stored.

Thanks for your time! Have a great day!

~ Kim Sasse, Washington

Jules Yap