Designer table lamp with Bladet vase

DSC 1814 768273
DSC 1814 768273

Materials: Bladet 45 cm Vase Article Number: 301.221.99

Description: Buy a 45 cm Bladet

Make 2 holes with a drill for glass (diameter about 0,8 cm). One in the upper part and one in the lower part of the vase.

Buy 5 meters of colored electrical cable of your choice. Some example here.

Buy some sheet of colored polypropylene. Best results with a thick sheet of at least 1,6 mm maximum 3 mm. Took mine here but it is 1,2 mm thick. Better search for something thicker ‘cos the upper clear part tends to bend.

Cut the polypropylene using the sketchup template I uploaded here.

DSC 1826 771800
DSC 1828 775111

Using a cutter, lightly score the polypropylene along the lines between blue and white surfaces and bend it at 90°

Join all the parts as show in the photos.

I used a g9 lamps holder with super short 15w CFC lamps like the one shown below.

Senza%2Btitolo 1 776791

If you change lamp you have to change the template according to the new dimension of your light emitter.

Hope you like it.

DSC 1829 778226

~ Andrea, Florence Italy

Jules Yap