Double Decker Shoe Rack

Materials: BABORD; 1×2 boards; table saw; chisels; wood glue

Description: I needed a shoe rack to fit in the closet under our stairs, and wanted to use the space up. I bought two of the the very inexpensive Babord shoe racks and wanted to stack the two on top of each other, but because of the underside stairs they would not sit flush to the wall.

So…..I got some 1 x 2 boards, traced the cut out of the legs/support that came with it onto my new boards. used the table saw to remove the excess, and some chisels to smooth out the cut-outs. Then had to make two new pairs of legs for the two top levels.

On the two top shelves I needed to remove a little bit of the original material so they would be staggered enough to fit under the stairs. Table for that.

Then glued everything together, used some brad nails for support (pre-drilled, of course, the Ikea pine is notorious for splitting). Put a cross piece in the back for support, and that was that.

~ ken h, canada

Jules Yap