IKEA Play Supermarket

Materials: Babord Shoe Racks, IKEA fabric

Description: The original idea was to purchase a play kitchen/supermarket for my daughter’s birthday. We looked around in stores, but everything we saw, was either too small, too expensive or too plasticky.

So we decided to take this in our own hands and purchased 3 IKEA Babord Shoe Racks, $9.99, a couple of 2x4s, some IKEA fabric and various accessories (baskets, plastic fruits, miniature cans and bottles).

1. For the store front we attached 2x4s at the front corners of the shoe rack. Then attached a 2×4 horizontally at the end of the vertical 2x4s with screws.

2. For the store back we did the same, just that we added another shoe rack on top of the first one.

3. We then stapled the Ikea fabric to the two horizontal beams.

4. Cut out a square wood piece for the sign of the market and attached with string.

5. Added accessories, like baskets and food.

6. Cost under $50!

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~ Sibylle, Canada