Expedit TV storage with rotating TV

Materials: Expedit tv storing unit, 2 rotating casters from hardware store, 1 shelf 30cm wide 19mm thick 2m long. screws, drill, saw

Description: Since I’ve got an apartment with living room and a small bedroom (without doors), I wanted a furniture to place in front of the opening to my “bedroom area” to create a separate room instead of putting up a curtain or so.

I also wanted a TV to watch in bed. Since I like the Lack and Expedit series with the thicker parts I bought a black Expedit TV unit and started planning on how to make the TV turn.

I bought a white shelf from my local hardware store (200cm x 30cm x 1,9cm) and a set of turning casters that had wheels that were 20mm wide (see picture).

The shelf was cut into 2 parts: one 91,7cm and one 90cm (on this one I drilled 4 holes based on the vesa standard 20×20, how high depends on what size of TV you have… mine is 32inch and the holes where placed, measured from the bottom at 41cm and 61cm)

1. All the hack is based on the content in box2 so I first assembled box1 and then open box2.

2. The “backpiece” in box2 (the one with a large round hole) is not used. I first measure the centre of the bottom part 19,5cm (see picture) and on the right side I predrill holes and screw the shelf that is 91,7cm on top(this one is later screwed to the side to make the unit stable)

3. From the left side of the bottom part I measured 54cm and screw one of the casters (I’ve detached the wheel) and beside that I drilled and sawed an oval hole to place all the cables from the TV. The hole needs to be oval so the TV part can turn 360 degrees one way and the 360 degrees back (see pictures)

4. I assembly the rest of the TV unit and the shelf part that was 91,7cm is screwed into the “side part” to stabilize the whole construction.

5. On the bottom side of the “top part” I screwed the other casters at the same distance as the bottom one (54cm from the left hand side) and then slide in the shelf that is 90cm into the place where the wheels once were attached. After I’ve checked that the shelf is centered I screw 4 small screws into the holes where the “wheelpin” once was placed.

6. Depending on where all the video/dvd/game etc is placed I drilled and sawed holes between the 4 square and 2 rectangular shelves at the bottom.

To mount the TV I found 4 screws that fit the holes on the back on my TV (may be different sizes)

I placed the whole unit on the floor and it is mighty stable (due to the fact it is 40cm wide and I’ve placed all the heavy parts beside the TV at the bottom)

I may have a future plan on screwing another Expedit unit(2×4) on top of this one so that it goes all the way to the ceiling and I can secure it even more to the ceiling.

On the back side (seen from my living room area) I’ve placed one cord that goes into the unit and provides power to my 4 different computer/tv/dvd etc and 1 antenna cord. Over these 2 I placed a small carpet to prevent tripping over them.

~ Johan Gustafsson, Lidköping Sweden