How to: Create a personalised picture with Lack and decal

Materials: Lack

Description: I have an old LACK side table from IKEA that I no longer use.
My sister-in-law wanted me to make her something personal and from the heart. That is when I realized that I could do something fun with the old table.

1. I made a personal picture using Illustrator. I then send it to Parts of Sweden (link no longer available) and let them print a furniture decal for me. They already have lovely decals so you don’t have to know how to use Illustrator. You can choose between all the Disney motifs and many more.

2. Wait for the furniture decal to be delivered to your home.
3. Unscrew the legs.
4. Clean the table with a rag.

5. Remove the safety paper on the back of the sticker and place decal on the table.
6. To see how to place the decal you can see a videoclip on Youtube here. The video has some Swedish text but hey, you´ll learn some Swedish at the same time.

7. Attach whatever you can find at home that will make it easier for you to hang the picture on the wall. I bought this little metal thing and I am sorry to say that I do not know what it is called. However you attach it on the back of the picture.

8. Now hang it on the wall. Tadaaaa!!!!!

View more decals at Parts of Sweden.