Ikea Besta goes Pirate (and loses a leg)

Materials: Ikea Besta

Description: Those that have multiple Besta cabinets next to each other may not like two legs ‘next to each other’.

This little hack (although it’s a bit of work and you need the proper tools) is a way to get rid of that superfluous leg.

The steps:

0. Get your Ikea Besta cabinets. Attach them properly to each other (preferably 4 screws).

1. Get am aluminum plate approx 2 mm thick.

2. Drill proper holes (4x 4mm for mounting, 1x 8mm for the leg itself).

3. Route out a section of the Ikea Besta cabinets. Don’t go too deep, there’s nothing below the top cardboard layer!

4. For strength, I’ve glued a piece of paper using 2 component glue on the bottom of the routed section, and saturated the cardboard with the glue. This isn’t required though.

5. Ikea Besta cabinets are made of cardboard. You can’t use those to mount the alu plate, so I added little wooden blocks on the inside (things will be hidden from view by a door anyway).

Okay, that pesky extra leg is gone now. Your Ikea Besta just went pirate…

~ BluezNL, Netherlands