Bunny hutch built into IKEA TV stand

bunny hutch tv stand

This is a rabbit house / bunny hutch TV stand converted from IKEA BESTÅ media units.

Our rabbit has full run of both bottom cupboards and the middle section with the cage bars.

IKEA items used:
  • 1 x BESTÅ TV bench
  • 2 x BESTÅ cabinets
  • BESTÅ shelves (plus additional shelf fixings)

Other materials:

Bunny hutch + IKEA TV stand hack

The first thing we did was to purchase a BESTÅ TV bench and two of the BESTÅ cupboards. Before assembling them, we drilled circular holes between all three.

tunnels for rabbit

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Around the exposed egdes, we sealed them by putting a rabbit tunnel through each hole and securing it in place.

Next, we wanted to make the bottom waterproof in case of any bunny related accidents. So, we tiled the whole of the cabinet bottom, a couple of tiles up the sides and each of the two perches (small BESTÅ shelves).

bunny hutch tv stand - IKEA BESTA hack

We then took two sections of our rabbit’s old playpen and cut to size, sanded and painted them. These were fitted using additional BESTÅ shelf fittings, 8 on each side of the TV unit, 4 facing inward and 4 facing out.

bunny hutch tv stand - IKEA BESTA hack

This means that by removing the front fixings the cage bars lift off for easy cleaning.

bunny hutch tv stand - IKEA BESTA hack

Finally, we have magnetic baby locks on each door so that our rabbit cannot push the door open himself.

~ by Rebecca & Lee

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