IKEA Lack bookcase to bench

Materials: IKEA Lack

Description: Well, my hack was inspired by this site, I just wanted to share the result, as it is my first project 🙂

Used an IKEA Lack bookcase 1×4 bought from a used furniture local website.

As the shelf was pretty scratched and dark brown, which didn’t match anything in my apartment, it needed repainting.

What I did:

– sanded it pretty well
– gave it 2 coats of white primer
– gave it 2 coats of white glossy paint
– bought foam, fabric for the cushion cover, cardboard and colored paper for the back
– to make the cushion I just first used an old bed sheet I had to make an inside cover, superficially sown by hand
– sown by hand the cover as well, it was easier than I thought and the result was better than what I expected 🙂
then slid the cushion in and tucked the sides inside
– for the back of the bookcase I cut the cardboard to cover the openings, decided on a chevron pattern so I printed one online, drew it on my colored paper, cut it with an Exacto knife and glued it on the white cardboard.

That’s it.

See more photos of the Lack bench.

~ Julia, Montreal