Ribba tablet/phone stand

IMG 0191 759403
IMG 0191 759403

Materials: RIBBA, cable canal, saw, drill, sandpaper, paint

Description: I needed something to stand my tablet on while using it for controlling my music at home. We recently moved to a new apartment and had a bunch of spare RIBBA picture ledges lying around.

So I ended up sawing a piece of shelf to the width I wanted. Then I used the already present hole and drilled it with an 8 mm drill, just enough room for one of Apples lightning connectors to pass through. This is not really needed but it helps the charging cable not slip away when not in use.

IMG 0172 750612
IMG 0174 752968
IMG 0177 754704
IMG 0190 756530

I chose to glue on the top lid of a spare piece of cable canal as an inner step for standing the tablet in an almost upright position. But you could skip this part if you want. After a bit of sanding and painting the sides you’re done. Dead simple!

This would work in smaller pieces for say an iPhone bed-side stand as well.

~ Peter, Sweden

Jules Yap