Small Space Kitchen Organiser

Materials: KNUFF Magazine file (set of 2), Craft wood (I used one 3 inch by 36 inch by 3/8 inch piece), wood screws, small hand saw, power drill and paint

Description: In my kitchen, there was the weird spot between two cabinet that was just there, and SUPER NARROW. At only 8 inches across, it was too small to add in a pre-build cabinet. Here is my solution using the KNUFF Magazine Files (I refer to them as ‘holders’):

1. First using a hammer, I popped out the small front side of both holders. Now, you could leave them in and skip step 2.

2. These are attached together, like a puzzle and I wanted my edge to be flat, so using a small saw, I cut off the tabs. The wood is relativity thin, so it cuts easily.

3. Next, because the width of the two holders together was less than my 8 inch gap, I cut two base pieces from craft wood, 8 inches across. I then drilled and screwed the base pieces to the holders. This step could also be skipped or altered, depending on where you are mounting this.

***NOTE: At this point, you will notice that one of the the holders is smaller than the other. To solve this, I just added a filer piece, behind the shorter side, when I screwed it to the wall.***

4. Paint! I painted mine via black spray paint.

5. Once it is dry, time to mount! My wall has a stud where I planned to hang it, but I would recommend using drywall anchors if there is no studs available.

I drilled and used a total of six 1.5 inch screws. There are two on the top edge and one in the base of the holders. Remember to use a small piece of wood behind the shorter side, so it mounts flat against the wall.

6. Add the items you want to store! I knew I wanted to use this for my cutting boards, but it also works well for foil, plastic wrap, and plastic storage bags.

My sister also suggested that it would make a good cookbook holder.

~ Kayla, Renton, Wa