The Academic’s Expedit Workstation

Materials: Expedit TV Storage Unit, Non-Lights

Description: I live in a 1 bedroom apartment, and space is a premium. I needed my Expedit to be my book shelf, my computer work station, and my TV.

1. I put together my Expedit TV Storage Unit as specified in the IKEA manual.

2. I put the TV in place.

3. I found that the unit was dark, and added to Non Spotlights from Ikea.

4. I purchased a Kensington keyboard holder from Amazon which perfectly fits my Macbook.

5. I hid my radio/receiver behind the books and nested the speakers with the books on the shelf below the TV.

6. I decided that I need there to be light above the Expedit, so I added four Non Spotlights above the unit to illuminate the space above it.

7. I hated that the center of the room was the TV, so I found a piece of art that fit into the width TV space. This allowed me to cover the TV during most of the day. I remove the art when I am using the TV as an extra screen for my computer, or when I am using it as a TV monitor.

8. I purchased a wireless AC remote control unit to control the Non Spotlights to avoid having to toggle buried switches whenever I wanted to control the lights.

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~ Jason Outlaw, Cambridge, MA

Jules Yap