Vika Desk with Billy Surround

Materials: Vika Amon desk with Adils legs and Alex drawers, with 2x Billy Height Extensions, Billy Wall Shelf & Capita legs

Description: My old desk had been falling apart for quite some time, and I had been looking for a new one for just as long. I like my desks to have plenty of storage, making good use of the wasted space above the monitor. Sadly I couldn’t find a desk that met my needs, so I decided to take matters in to my own hand.

I had seen desks that had been hacked, and looked in to creating my first hack to replace the old desk. I bought the boxes and put them together to create my new desk with more than enough storage, even for a horder like me.

I first created an unhacked Vika Amons desk using three legs and an Alex Drawer unit. I then made the two Billy Height extension units, and fixed them securely using the provided screws to the top of the desk, drilling holes as needed. I left a 1cm gap between the table edge and the height extenders, for looks.

I then made the Billy Wall Shelf, being sure not to use the wallmounts provided, and attached Capita 21cm legs in all four corners. An alternative is to use the Capita Brackets instead of the legs, but the weight of the wallshelf is more than enough to keep it secure and steady when standing on top of the Billy Towers.

For a first time hacker, this is a simple hack which is just a matter of drilling a few holes where needed. It gives plenty of room between the billy units for a monitor and speakers can be housed atop them.

~ Fudce, Birmingham, UK