Modern chandelier from cheap IKEA work lamp

I wanted to make a cool looking, modern chandelier that didn’t have to be expensive. So I did. Here’s my “Dear Ikea” – inspired by Ingo Mauers’ “Dear Ingo“.

It’s made out of the very affordable IKEA TERTIAL work lamps, a table leg and some black MDF plates.

Modern chandelier from cheap IKEA work lamp

Dear Ingo Modern Chandelier hack:

1. Start with the shopping. It actually takes longer than I expected. Primarily due to the fact that I didn’t really know where I would end up, when I started.

You will need the following materials:
  • 12 IKEA TERTIAL Lamps
  • A sheet of black MDF or basic plywood 400x1200mm, 16mm thickness, (you can choose to paint it afterwards)
  • A table leg approximately 700mm long Ø25-30
  • Wood glue
  • Various screws
  • 1.5m steel wire + 2 wire clamps (for safety reasons)
  • 1x M8 bolt 30mm
  • Eye nut M8
  • 1x M6 Eye bolt and 2x nuts and 2x washers
  • 5x dual wire-terminals
  • A car (To go and get the things you didn’t know you needed)
And these tools to make your modern chandelier:
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill (Ø3, Ø8, Ø13)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sand paper (Or belt sander)

2. Cut out the MDF/plywood in three ؘ360mm plates. Draw lines on one of the plates where the lamps have to go. The drawing should look like a watch with 12 marks. Draw the lines through the center in 30 deg increments.

Modern chandelier from cheap IKEA work lamp


3. Draw another circle Ø300. The holes for the lamps should be drilled where this circle intersects the 12 lines. Draw a final circle Ø240 which marks the part in the middle which has to be cut out so you get a ring.

Glue and screw two of the plates together so you have one plate that’s 400 by 400mm and 32mm thick. (Make sure the screws doesn’t interfere with the holes for the lamps). Cut out the plates.

4. Drill 12 holes in the 32mm ring where the lamps have to go. Afterwards glue and screw the ring on the last circular plate forming the base of the lamp.

5. Drill a small hole in the center (ؘ6). This is where the eye bolt will be mounted for safety reasons. Drill holes in the table leg for the electrical wire and the safety wire. See images for details.

Modern Chandelier ceiling mount

6. Pull the safety wire and the electrical wire through the table leg, and mount the table leg on the base. (I’ve glued and screwed a small circular piece of MDF in the middle of the base to have more material to screw the table leg into.)

Modern chandelier from cheap IKEA work lamp

7. Depending on the type of table leg you use, there are different ways of mounting the eye bolt in the top. (I’ve chosen to mount it on the plastic part and to secure it with rivets)

8. Before mounting the lamps in the base, cut the wires in the desired length and strip the wires. Mount the lamps afterwards. Set up the wires in the terminals – 3 lamps for 1 terminal. See picture.

Modern chandelier from cheap IKEA work lamp

9. Mount your modern chandelier and light it up.

Modern chandelier from cheap IKEA work lamp

~ by Thomas Broen, Aalborg, Denmark

Jules Yap