Apple style monitor shelf

Materials: 1 x Ekby Hemnes Shelf, 4x Besta Legs

Description: My new flat has a small built in desk but the window handle is right in the way of where my monitor goes so it wouldn’t go as far back as I needed.

To lift it up and also provide some extra space I used a white Ekby Hemnes shelf and 4 Besta legs. The white shelf and aluminium legs match all of my Apple stuff.

The Besta legs have an 8mm threaded rod in the middle.

On each corner mark 30mm in with a pen or pencil then use a small nail to lightly punch where the drill will go.

I used a 7.5mm drill bit with some tape around it 20mm from the tip to stop the drill going all the way through. A 7mm drill bit would give a more snug thread.

Drill 4 holes on the bottom of the shelf where you have marked, making sure not to go all the way through then either screw or push the rod in.

~ Adrian, Hong Kong